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Invitation for First Aid and CPR Training


Dear Families,
Today we had an emergency that required CPR on a child that was choking on a piece of mango. The staff in the room were part of the First Aid and Infant Toddler CPR training given every year. The emergency unit was called and the Lead Teacher (familiar with the child) accompanied the child to the hospital for a check-up. The child is doing well and we are thankful to the BBL North Team for responding to the matter.

I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing how to conduct oneself in an emergency. For this reason, I had opened an invitation to all the families interested in joining me for a First Aid and Infant/Toddler CPR Training in the Spring 2010 Director's Newsletter. Below is the information that was included in the communication:

"I’m excited to say that that we are bringing First Aid training to BBL again on April 30 and opening it up to parents. This is a four hour workshop and will begin at 10:00 a.m. If you would like to join us at the workshop, please email Dorothy at (there will be a small fee charged by the trainer)."

When we consider all the various trainings that we have taken, this is one that separates BBL from the rest. Every year I schedule both the teaching team and the administrators for Infant/Toddler CPR and First Aid training. With a team that averages four years of working together--it shows.

Hope you can join me!