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Good Nutrition Equals Good Health

BBL in the Hoboken Digest

Wise Food Choices for Healthy Eating is a Priority

Currently there is a strong focus on childhood nutrition because millions of dollars are spent on marketing foods with high sugar and salt with fewer resources being dedicated to marketing healthier fruits and vegetables.  Beyond Basic Learning is pleased to help families by supporting their efforts to encourage children to make healthier food choices.


BBL uses various study methods to increase awareness about good nutrition because a single discussion or activity alone does not produce enough understanding.  As an example, children might read six different versions of The Little Red Hen to learn about flour and how it’s processed. The study may also include baking muffins, examining yeast reactions and voting for favorite types of bread.  They may also use the Smartboard technology to study fine art pieces that portray other types of grains. This comprehensive learning approach has proven invaluable.

Zuleika Fertullien, Executive Director and FounderAt BBL all age groups engage in food exploration.  For their food discovery they may visit the local supermarket or the farmer’s market. The children will identify or group fruits contained in a fruit salad, differentiate the flours found in different breads, or create their own recipes.  Some children hosted a lemonade stand for their neighbors on the way to the ferry.

BBL urges families to begin the journey to healthier choices. Provide your children with opportunities to explore foods. Let them touch, smell and discuss the food groups. Explaining your food choices will influence your child’s choices in the long future.

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