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Cultivating Partnerships

Beyond Basic Learning; The International School not only connects children to classroom fundamentals, but also to their natural environment. With spring approaching, BBL is introducing a new initiative for organic gardening by partnering with the Polk-A-Dot Gardening Program on Pier 13. Together they will cultivate an urban garden patch, which will be an exciting experience for children growing up in urban settings who otherwise miss the opportunity to experience how plants, fruits and vegetables grow.

BBL: The International School


hoboken_digest_2011-05To connect children to the experience of gardening,
Ms. Zuleika recommends the following books:

Whose Garden Is It? by Mary Ann Hoberman & Illustrated by Jande Dyer: A wonderful book that helps children gain a wider perspective on who benefits from a garden.

Mortimer’s First Garden by Karma Wilson & Illustrated by Dan Andreasen: Shows how one seed can result in a bountiful harvest by taking children from a brown and green winter to a green and sunny spring.

Lily’s Garden of India by Jeremy Smith & Illustrated by Rob Hefferan: A girl from India learns about the many uses of plants in her country, complete with a glossary of the plants.

Parent Tip:
Consider using recyclable materials in your home such as soup containers or cans to grow a small garden with your child. Keep a journal or a camera ready to record the events. For more information on books and resources for gardening, email me at

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