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Summer 2010 Update


Dear Families,
Summer 2010 email includes the following topics:

  • Graduation
  • Staff Update
  • Transition
  • Staff Training
  • Rising Star
  • 2010 Barbecue: The Carnival

Wherever possible, I have included links to other websites where you may obtain a deeper level of understanding regarding the topic.


This year’s Graduation took place at the Shipyard’s Courtyard and was attended by the Hoboken Museum Education Curator Sherrad Bostwick.  The Hoboken Museum presented the children with a certificate for their study on surveying equipment.

As part of our tradition, the Green Butterfly Classroom presents the upcoming class with a gift symbolizing the passing of the torch.  For this, the Green Butterfly classroom wrote

The Guide of How to Be A Great Green Butterfly and these are some of the things they shared:

  • Focus when someone is reading to the class by Yoon Lee
  • You have to feed Bingo (their bird) and give him water by Isabel Goran
  • We have to talk nicely to our friends by Maya Perez
  • We keep our hands to ourselves and we don’t push or shove by Allen “Trip” Johnston
  • We eat vegetables to be strong by Filip Erickson
  • At circle time, we do the calendar and weather chart by Ty Schneider

This year, the families of the Green Butterfly classroom presented the team with a digital camera and seven professional customs for the children to wear during their creative play.  The latter gift was made possible by the generous contribution made by John and Gina from the Lua and City Bistro Restaurant in Hoboken.

Again, we had our professional camera crew in place. Pictures of the event, as well as past BBL events can be seen by going to the link below.
(Beyond Basic Learning’s professional photographers, where pictures of this year’s event are available to you.)

Please be sure to join the Hoboken Museum and be part of the exhibits your children enjoyed.
(Beyond Basic Learning participated in this Spring’s exhibit)

Staff Update

At BBL, we believe that the benefits we provide to our staff create the opportunity for us to select and identify rising ‘stars’ in our teaching team. As many of you know, every May and June, the BBL team is asked to complete a self assessment.  In this assessment, they have the opportunity to share with me their goals, needs, and wants.  In turn, we assess the team member’s performance in teamwork, professional development, attendance, and punctuality.  I am excited to share with you that more than 90% of the team has requested to be considered for the 2010-2011 School Year.

This year, I will like to highlight three great members of our team that will be leaving us in August:

Ms. Lauren has been with BBL since 2006.  She began her career with us in the Red Caterpillar Room and moved with the children to the Blue Butterfly and later the Green Butterfly classrooms.  She created the Green Butterfly theme song and brought the Red Carpet runway to BBL.  She is moving to California to be with her father at the end of August.

Ms. Jennie also began her career at the North Location Red Caterpillar Room. She quickly excelled to be part of the team that brought ‘show and tell’ (public speaking for 2 year olds) to BBL.  Her leadership resulted in leading the Jade Butterfly classroom in the South Location where quail, ostrich, duck, and chicken eggs were explored by the children.  She is returning to school to complete her studies in education.

Ms. Elizabeth has been with us for this school year. We worked together at my mentor school in New York City.  Ms. Liz was one of the instructors at our recent training where she shared with the team the Reggio Emilio approach to art.  At this time, Ms. Liz and her husband have begun a church together where she will be devoting a lot of her time. We will miss her and look forward to having her return in the fall to provide workshops.

Some of the factors polled by the teaching team as reasons for staying at Beyond Basic Learning included: Work/Life Balance, Medical Coverage, Retirement Incentive Plan (Simple IRA), Maternity Leave, Parking Access, Child Back-up Care, Free Workshops, and opportunity for advancement.

Please note:
As an added benefit, we give our team the opportunity to request a personal leave for the summer. This year, four teachers will be taking the Summer Leave for both the July and August month while two teachers will be taking the summer leave in August. They will be returning for the September school year. 

Not all the teachers that requested to be considered for the upcoming school year will be given the opportunity to stay at BBL.  We consider factors such as attendance, team feedback, and professional development participation to weigh heavily on our decision. We will be communicating the information once it becomes final through the respective classrooms.

Summer Lead Teams

North Location:

  • Green Butterfly –Jennifer Jones
  • Blue Butterfly  - Creative Arts Room
  • Red Caterpillar -Cecilia A.
  • Lavender Cocoon – Jean A.

South Location:

  • Green Caterpillar Room –Jennie U
  • Blue Caterpillar Room – Lally C.
  • Purple Cocoon- Josephine O.
  • Orange Cocoon- Deborah D.


As part of our year-end review and for the teachers’ professional development, we ask for teachers to provide us with their work preference in terms of classroom and/or age group.  This helps us identify which teachers will be selected to move with the majority of children into the next classroom. Both Ms. Mary and I will be working on the schedule for the fall identifying the teachers for each of the classrooms.

  • Children who will be moving to a new classroom in the same school are going to be given opportunities to visit the new classroom beginning the last week of July and extending through August.
  • Children who will be moving to a new school will be introduced to their new teacher. We are also planning opportunities for families to bring their children to the new school in August.
  • Lead Teachers will be sending out emails with information about themselves as well as their team.  In addition, your package in August will have additional information specific to your new classroom such as schedules, daily routines, and teachers upcoming late nights.

Please note, that teachers will be creating a schedule for the transition.  We are going to need all your support to make it work: Arriving Early, Calling Ahead, and being flexible.

Staff Training….

In our continued commitment to quality, we continue to strive ahead and offer ongoing paid professional development to our team.   This past month, the BBL Cocoon and Caterpillar classrooms were able to attend Bank Street College Infancy Institute.  I was delighted to see the teachers’ feedback and enthusiasm from the following classes taken:

  • Baby Watch
  • Infant Brain Development: How does the research inform our practice?
  • Young Learners: What do we need to know about their language acquisition?
  • Block Building with Toddlers
  • Speech and Language Development in Infants and Toddlers
  • Let me Talk- Language and Development for Infants and Toddlers
  • Why, What, When and How to Read to Your Baby

For more information regarding Bank Street, please visit the link below:

Rising Stars!

Ms. Jean is being recognized as the Lead Teacher of the year.  Professionally, Ms. Jean has demonstrated leadership through her high level of email communication with her families and consistent implementation of BBL’s curriculum as well as safety protocols.  She was a critical part of ensuring that a child that was chocking received the proper assistance and performed under pressure.

This year, Ms. Ermira completed her Certification in Early Childhood through the Hudson Community College as she worked at BBL in various classrooms, facilitating transitions and activities for our children.

2010 Barbecue Update….

The barbecue will take place in front of the North Location School (14th Street and Sinatra Drive where the North Location Ferry is located).  This year’s theme is The Carnival with lots of wonderful games and surprises ready for you. Our fabulous chefs will prepare all the meats and burgers (vegan burgers too) and our wonderful DJ will get the children moving and dancing.  As in prior years, we have assigned classrooms to bring the salad, dessert, and juice.

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Have a fabulous SUMMER!

Zuleika J. Fertullienlogo_naeyc_accreditation
Executive Director

The only NAEYC accredited school in Hoboken

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