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Parent Participation stronger than ever!

One of the greatest task that I have as an Executive Director is reading every single one of the Parent Teacher conference forms that the teachers have created. It proves that a strong literacy based program coupled with sound developmental milestones results in competent children that relate, understand, and engage in meaningful experiences. Two of our great achievements this year included a greater immersion of Kings Supermarket and Rite Aid into our curriculum.

This is where the children go around the store and look for different letters or words that they are learning about. The second outcome that was apparent across all the classrooms was the impact of our cooking recipes to the overall understanding of sequence and of ingredients. The process is a key part of developing their sense of waiting, sharing, and participating in the outcome.

Readers Circle

Did you know that Reader's month has been at BBL for the past four years? Every year it gets bigger and bigger and we have a wonderful representation from all the families.

This is how we did for Reader's month:

March Readers Month: Participants
South  68   North  60
Fathers  17 15  
Mothers 37  37 
Aunts  5  1
Uncles  0  2
Sibling 0  2

We had such a great support from our Alumni's as well. We had a total of 13 Alumni returning to BBL-I to read to our children. Some of our Alumni's read in two different languages which completely amazed the children. We also want to take a moment to thank you for participating.

Zuleika Fertullien