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BBLI In The News (archive)

Beyond Basic Learning: The International School in the News


Good Nutrition Equals Good Health

BBL in the Hoboken Digest

Wise Food Choices for Healthy Eating is a Priority

Currently there is a strong focus on childhood nutrition because millions of dollars are spent on marketing foods with high sugar and salt with fewer resources being dedicated to marketing healthier fruits and vegetables.  Beyond Basic Learning is pleased to help families by supporting their efforts to encourage children to make healthier food choices.

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2009 School Pictures

Dear Families,

So much is happening at BBL! We were recently notified that the photographer for the 2009 school pictures was accepted at the most prestigious school of film.

His name is Jean Dubin and I have uploaded a few of his wonderful pictures from the graduation.

Please note that in a two more years, we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary. We will like to have your support!!!


Our trip to TD Bank

Dear Parents,

This morning we deposited our coins into the Penny Arcade at TD Bank! The machine counted all of our money for us and we waited in line to exchange our receipt for money.

In total, we collected $88.17!!!  The change sitting at the bottom of our pocketbooks/pockets really added up to an amount that could really help those in need. Thank you all for your participation!

Also, check your cubbies! The nice people at TD bank gave us all piggy banks to start our own savings, along with an activity book and crayons.

Ms. Jennie