Message from the Executive Director

After 20 years of successfully planning, designing, and leading three amazing schools in two different states, I will be transitioning out my role as the Educational Director and Founder.  I remain committed to the field of Early Childhood Education and will continue to find opportunities to share what I’ve learned to support our youngest learners and teachers.

In my new role at Beyond Basic Learning,I will continue serving as a consultant, teacher, and presenter in the early childhood profession. There is much more we can do together to raise awareness about the opportunities that a quality early childhood program can do for our children and community. Yet, Directors have not been a consistent part of the conversation to affect transformation. Let us engage together and go “beyond the basics.

For more information, you can click on my “about” tab to learn how to schedule a consultation. 

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Our goal is to redefine excellence in early childhood education. As a premier consulting firm, we specialize in assisting childcare professionals in creating and executing exemplerary  programs that are not only educationally sound but also efficiently managed, cost-effective, and profitable. Our focus extends from infants to preschoolers, ensuring that every child receives the highest quality of care and education. At Beyond Basic Learning; International School, we combine robust processes and innovative strategies to foster environments where young minds thrive, shaping the future of learning while keeping an eye on the practical aspects of running a successful educational program. Join us in our mission to elevate early childhood education to new heights, where every child's potential is nurtured and every educator's vision is realized.

Contact Zuleika

Zuleika Hines

Executive Director,
Founder of Beyond Basic Learning, M.B.A., M. Edu, M.S., S.D.L.
Expert in Creating and Designing Childcare and Educational Content

Linkedin: @ZuleikaHines