COVID-19 Hours 8:00-5:30
Early Drop-off 7:30 at no additional cost.

The Enrollment Process

There is no financial obligation to enter your child's name onto our pending registry. However, please note that all pertinent requested information must be submitted and updated in order to be considered for an interview.

Once on the registry, families may receive information about upcoming events such as tours and the Annual Open House. 

Due to COVID-19, all parent meetings will be scheduled over Zoom. At our meeting, you will be able to see our children in action as well as get a sneak preview of our classroom and routines!

Scheduling a Parent Information Session

Beyond Basic Learning: The International School takes a wholistic approach in conducting parent information sessions.  We will be able to discuss your priorities and the school's engaging and hands-on curriculumn for babies and toddlers.  Our availability is based on maintain a small classroom age range  and not determined by the length of time family is on the registry.

Note: The best way for us to reach you is by adding your name to our pending registry and alerting us of your interest in learning more about the program.

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The Parent Information Session

Once we complete the parent information session, families have the opportunity to decide whether or not they would like to proceed in enrolling your child in the program. 

Final Steps

Upon acceptance into the program, parents will receive a 'Welcome Packet' which includes an admissions acceptance letter, enrollment contract, program schedule, and an academic calendar, among other important documents. All required paperwork must be completed and submitted with the applicable deposit by the deadline indicated in the acceptance letter. If the contract and deposit are not received by the deadline indicated, enrollment is automatically forfeited.

COVID-19-Additional Requirements 

All children entering our program must be vaccinated prior to entering the program. In addition, families with children 6 months or older must have the influensa vaccine every year. We will also require that a negative COVID-19 test result is obtained 7 to 5 days before entering the program.