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May 2012 and Beyond...


Hoboken Digest

The May/June issue of the Hoboken Digest will display pictures of our Kindergarten children engage in art. If you do not receive a copy, we will have a few additional ones at the front desk.

The Center for Architecture Foundation

The Center for Architecture Foundation is partnering with BBL; The International School for 2 days of training starting in May! The first workshop will take place on May 5th in NYC and the second will be held in Hoboken. The trainings will focus on bringing the skills of design into the classroom.

The Center for Architecture Foundation promotes public awareness and a broader appreciation of the important role architecture and design play in our daily lives. CFAFoundation programs include K-12th grade classroom collaborations, youth and family workshops, professional development for teachers, scholarships for architecture and design students, public exhibitions and educational events at the Center for Architecture.

Art Studio At Washington and 11th Street

Thanks to our resident artist Ben, the Art Studio is currently displaying a sampling of our children's art in their window. They have framed it as a collage of artistic expression and will be donating the frame to the school. Please help me in thanking Pablo at the Art Studio for supporting young artist in our school.

Where in the world is the Executive Director:
For the past few weeks my father has been very ill. It is very different to see someone so strong become so dependent on us (my sisters). During the past few weeks, it has been a series of doctors' appointments and a lot of waiting. At this time, we are still waiting to hear back from the doctors to see what they have to say as my sister and I plan for the next steps in their lives. My parents have been married to each other for the past 43 years, so when one is ill--we worry about the both of them.

A big thanks goes to my Executive Team for their support during these times.


Zuleika Fertullien

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