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Parent Participation stronger than ever!

One of the greatest task that I have as an Executive Director is reading every single one of the Parent Teacher conference forms that the teachers have created. It proves that a strong literacy based program coupled with sound developmental milestones results in competent children that relate, understand, and engage in meaningful experiences. Two of our great achievements this year included a greater immersion of Kings Supermarket and Rite Aid into our curriculum.

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Kindergarten on the Waterfront

The International School at BBL provides its Kindergarten children with small classes, and beautiful city views.

The International School represents the diversity of families that exist in its program and it speaks to its core of being the bridge between families and their culture. With over 20 different countries being represented by the children and their families, Beyond Basic Learning has seen its children accepted to programs around the globe.

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Daycare Service to Support Working Parents

Beyond Basic Learning: The International School
Expands Nursery School Service to Support Working Parents

Beyond Basic Learning, a state-of-the-art nursery school with two Hoboken riverfront locations, not only outshines competitors in providing excellent educational and children services, BBL listens and responds to the needs of working parents.   

 “We are as serious about the educational services we provide as we are dedicated about meeting the practical child care needs for the Hoboken community,” said Executive Director and Founder, Zuleika Fertullien.  “Working parents have been vocal about their scheduling challenges, and our desire is to help by bridging the gap between their specific childcare needs and standardized school closings and holidays.”

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Cultivating Partnerships

Beyond Basic Learning; The International School not only connects children to classroom fundamentals, but also to their natural environment. With spring approaching, BBL is introducing a new initiative for organic gardening by partnering with the Polk-A-Dot Gardening Program on Pier 13. Together they will cultivate an urban garden patch, which will be an exciting experience for children growing up in urban settings who otherwise miss the opportunity to experience how plants, fruits and vegetables grow.

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August 2011 Update

Welcoming our New Director

Many of you may have seen the cheerful smile and the warm, welcoming gestures of Ms. Jami while I was away in Alabama. Ms. Jami will assume the role as the first Director of BBL. She comes to us with over 12 years of relevant experience in the field of both elementary and early childhood education.

Prior to joining BBL, Ms. Jami was responsible for the management of multiple early childhood centers, and previously taught as an elementary school teacher. She has a Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership and Technology, with a Bachelor in Elementary Education. She will be joined by her daughter Siobhan who will be enrolled in the Orange Caterpillar room.

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BBL Children exposure to Fleet Week

We had a wonderful start to our morning! All of the children who were awake between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. had the opportunity to see the big ships pass by for Fleet week.

What an exciting sight to see--military planes flying overhead and the fireboat spraying arches of water.  Children were curious about the different types of boats that they saw. Some of the comments where “It’s a parade on water,” “Look, I hear the helicopter,” and “Where are they going?”

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