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Caterpillar Classrooms (Toddlers)

In the Caterpillar classrooms, the children are hungry to see what they might have missed when they were crawling only a few months earlier. They are using their hands in new ways: splashing in the water-table, moving a brush around on a large surface, or going outside with a magnifying glass to look for ladybugs or sprouting tomatoes.

They use fresh ingredients in their cooking activity as they learn new vocabulary words such as stirring, pouring, and mixing. You may also find them looking for leaves to paint during one outdoor play. Sometimes they simply look out the window to observe the weather changes and run outside to collect snow for their science exploration.

As they become older and move to the older Pre-K classroom the 3 year old experiment with words, learn to do simply charting of what they see around them. How many sunny days or rainy days did we have this week?   The use different tools to measure the length of their friends, they explore art using a a vareity of mediums, and the learn that their words have markings on paper that can later be recalled. We dance to different music as we celebrate the diversity of our friends. From the Chinese New Year, to Australian day, to Kwanza, we know that each of us is part of a wonderful community.  


Caterpillar Classroom Observation:“There’s the moon, bird, firetruck.” The child is pointing to the things he sees outside their classroom window.