COVID-19 Hours 8:00-5:30
Early Drop-off 7:30 at no additional cost.

Cocoon Classrooms (Infants)

The Cocoon classroom environment invites children to crawl, hop or observe their surroundings. They wake up and sleep at their own pace, eat and play with friends using their senses to learn. Once the classroom is formed, the children stay together for the full school year providing opportunities to develop intimate relationships with the teachers that care for them.

Parent and grandparent involvement is a fundamental to our program. We encourage family members to visit the classroom and to stay with us a while. We also host Parent-Teacher Conferences to discuss our observations of the infant’s developmental growth.



Cocoon Classroom Observation:“As a child woke up from her nap, she looked up and listened to the flute player in her room. She stared and swayed to the sound of the familiar lullabies.