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Early Drop-off 7:30 at no additional cost.

Teaching Models

calendar.jpg Beyond Basic Learning’s model is based on differentiated learning, which takes into account that not all children learn in the same manner or style.  A leading psychologist in the study of young children, Leve Semenovich Vygotsky, advocates that an effective educational approach for understanding and nurturing children's competencies and educational frameworks must take into account each child's history and cultural background.

Therefore, BBL provides instruction that is designed to meet individual educational needs: physical emotional, social and cognitive.   Additionally, BBL extrapolates from these renown pedagogical experts: Montessori, Piaget, Spragus - Mitchell.  We also engage the Reggio Emilio philosophical approach to learning.

Our classrooms are named to reflect the metamorphosis of a butterfly: Cocoon, Caterpillar and Butterfly.  Cocoon classrooms serve young and older infants; Caterpillar classrooms are for toddlers; and the Butterfly classrooms serve our pre-school children.